At SM Co. Advocates we have a deep understanding of the legal and practical challenges that the extractives industry faces in Kenya hence can to provide the full spectrum of legal advice through each stage of a project, from exploration stage through to development and production stages to decommissioning. We offer full project life cycle services including the land concession matters with both the national and county governments, issues connected to access to water for mining operations, easements for transport infrastructure, environmental matters, health and safety, employment matters, corporate advisory, procurement advisory, immigration issues for expatriate staff, community relations, corporate social responsibility matters and dispute resolution.

We handle applications for prospecting rights, reconnaissance licenses, exclusive prospecting licenses, special prospecting licenses, mining leases, special mining leases, mineral dealers licenses; liaising and engaging with Ministry of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, the National Environmental Management Authority (“NEMA), National Land Commission (“NLC”) and County Governments, on behalf of clients for extractives related matters.We also advise on, review and draft production sharing agreements, community development agreements, concession agreements, land access for exploration agreements and off-take agreements, among others.